PSC Tigers

Lordy, it’s almost like I forgot all about this site. But, actually, I’ve been having some work done. Not the cosmetic surgery Stigger’s sometimes suggests; house surgery. And all my toys had to be put away. All of them. Man, I’ve been living like an OCD hoarder on a Channel 4 documentary. And, even now, the toys are still pretty buried. Fortunately, I took some snaps of me Tigers in the summer. So….

Read on….

Parachute Rifles and SS Panzerbrigade Westfalen Dispute a Town, Somewhere in France

So, after the usual email to and fro about points, book choices, dates and dietary requirements, Stiggers and I lined up for another game, chez him.

His gaff, his points call. Nine hundred and fifty. Although, I misunderstood the texted word and thought it was a flat nine hundred. Whatever, I was happy with my shout and quickly added a few points-worth of schurzen to my IIIs to bring me a little closer. Read on….