Prepare for Stabilisers and the full RoF joy they bring…

So… Scoundrel Sainkho was worried about my one and only Jumbo? (Battlefront kit aint cheap ya know.) In fairness in a previous game it did soak up a LOT of his best dice, but what really gets his goat is the Stabiliser rule, who can blame him… get within 16″ and the extra +1 is a fair trade off for a full RoF. AND i forgot that my Easy 8s had Smooth Ride for a 6″ creep forward with NO +1 to hit AND full RoF.

I really must stop whinging about the broken STORMTROOPER rule!

and yet…

and yet…

the rule says “…the stormtroopers are racing ahead to take their objective!”



as in… forward!

There is no mention of pooping out (deliberate) to pop off 1 shot and then skulking back to hide behind a wall / hedge / small group of nuns. One suspects that Manstein would not be impressed with Sainkh0’s use of this “rule”, but hey… Sainkh0 is a meta-gamer! you’re probably ALL at it!

The good Lord does protect the observant and thus the US arty observers do indeed head for the nearest place of faith. Which is why my table now has two churches.

Over & out… next time there may be pictures. Depends on whether WordPress will allow a password of something less than 30 characters!



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