Battlefront’s Heavy Assault Gun Company

I never really meant to tool up with these leviathans. But, ages and ages, and ages, ago I finally made the effort to walk the wrong way away from Brighton’s train terminus to try and find the Dice Saloon. And when I did find it, I discovered they were doing twenty percent off Flames stuff. They didn’t have anything I really wanted in stock but a discount is a discount and hard to ignore. Plus these brutes looked, well, brutish so… Mind, I then had to walk around the hip and trendy North Laine area of Brighton with a Warhammer bag – looking a colossal knob, therefore. But, Hell, twenty percent! Read on….

Doughboys vs. The 510th

A clear six months after our last (unreported) engagement, Stiggers and I convened for a rumble. As per usual, at the close of play, there were murmurings along the lines of ‘do this more often’, ‘we must’ and ‘that was fun’. We’ll see.

Stiggers, ever a fan of American football, Trump and Mom’s apple pie played the US of A’s 2nd Rifle Company from The Battle of the Bulge and I, ever keen to play new uber weapons, although not fully fettled (kinda apt) fielded a little something from the 510th Heavy Panzer Battalion.

As ever, this recollection of events might be a little off.

Read on….

PSC Tigers

Lordy, it’s almost like I forgot all about this site. But, actually, I’ve been having some work done. Not the cosmetic surgery Stigger’s sometimes suggests; house surgery. And all my toys had to be put away. All of them. Man, I’ve been living like an OCD hoarder on a Channel 4 documentary. And, even now, the toys are still pretty buried. Fortunately, I took some snaps of me Tigers in the summer. So….

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Parachute Rifles and SS Panzerbrigade Westfalen Dispute a Town, Somewhere in France

So, after the usual email to and fro about points, book choices, dates and dietary requirements, Stiggers and I lined up for another game, chez him.

His gaff, his points call. Nine hundred and fifty. Although, I misunderstood the texted word and thought it was a flat nine hundred. Whatever, I was happy with my shout and quickly added a few points-worth of schurzen to my IIIs to bring me a little closer. Read on….

A Salute Virgin’s Report

Stiggers has often waxed lyrical about Salute, the scale and the wonder of it all and how we should go. At his behest I have attended a local show, in Abingdon, can’t remember the name of it which will, doubtless, cause offence. Anyhoo, after more badgering, I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about. Added bonus: Stiggers wouldn’t be there to hold my hand.  Read on….